Parke Llleras-Parque Lleras-La Martinera

We were in Parke Lleras last night for the Movistar Live Broadcast.  They had closed down all of Calle 38 set up tents, tables and some of the largest speakers you have ever seen.  My friend and I got there early to get a good table at one of the restaurants lining the street.  Unfortunately, everywhere we sat, the music was so loud you could not hear yourself think much less have a conversation.  Finally, we settled in at La Martinera, a Mexican specialty restaurant along the street.  We were kind of positioned between two sets of speakers that were at minimal, tolerable.

This was my first time eating there.  Nice menu selection, mostly Mexican but other offerings as well.

I settled in on the Chicken Fajitas (2) and a nicely chilled Aguila Light.

My friend ordered the Supreme Nachos.

Perhaps it was because of the party atmosphere along the street or because we were early (there was only one other table of people there) but the service was incredibly slow (for Parque Lleras standards) even thought there were about 10 waiters standing around doing…well, nothing!

Our food took about 15 minutes to arrive, all the while we sat there with an empty beer glasses trying to find our waitress to order a re-fill.

When the food finally arrived, it was cold.  The Faita wraps were hard and there was very little if any Mexican flavor to the food. We did manage to get a second beer and after dinner a third.

Bill came to 67,547 COP which we thought was very expensive (almost $17 each) for a plate of nachos, two fajitas and three beers apiece.

We realized why we were probably the only ones eating there as the other table was only drinking.

La Martinera in Parke Lleras is one to cross off the Medellin Dining Guide list of Lleras resturants to recommend.

Theme: Mexican

Beer: Very cold

Prices: Appetizers: 12,000-21,000

             Entrees: 16,000-27,000

             Atmosphere: Casual

             Music: Contemporary

             Overall Rating: One Star.  Not recommended!



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